Car Restoration Before and After

Car Restoration Before and After

Are you a car restoration fanatic? Do you love taking cars apart just to see how they work? Does it bring you great joy in life to restore a classic back to its former self? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will want to bookmark this page. Sign up or log in to share your own story of car restoration today. We want to hear from you! Plus, you’ll be helping other hobbyists just like you find the information they want and get proven tips to accomplish a particular project.

What to Expect with Car Restoration

In this section, we’ll post stories, share tips from readers, and offer before and after photos for car restoration projects. Car restoration is a very visual process, which means you’ll find a lot of user-submitted photos here. Feel free to post your own. Got a special story about your first car restoration? Want to show off your latest project? Share with us any of the following:

  • Why you got into car restoration and when
  • What kinds of cars you like to restore
  • What your goals are for the future
  • Details of your current project
  • What your greatest failures and successes have been
  • Inspirational stories of what keeps you motivated
  • What your greatest challenges have been
  • Helpful tips for various aspects of the car restoration process, from paint and cosmetics to engine and transmission overhauls
Car Restoration Before and After

From classics to antiques to hot rods, the restoration process can be very long and involved. You may have landed on this page because you’re having trouble with a particular part of the process. Maybe you’re seeking information from others or maybe you’ve successfully completed a restoration and want to share your story. Post about it here so you can help someone else.

Whether you’re restoring for driving condition, street show condition or show car, your tips and stories are greatly appreciated by everyone who visits this site.

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