DIY Home Décor

DIY Home Décor

If you love everything to do with DIY home décor, we want to hear from you. Whether your interest lies in home decorating, furniture, interior design, crafts, fabrics or seasonal décor, we invite you to share your stories, tips, suggestions and photos. Perhaps you’re here to find inspiration from others, or maybe you just completed a home décor project you’re particularly proud of. Whatever the case, sign up or log in to start sharing your talents today.

What Can You Expect?

From napkin rings and wine bottles to homemade wreaths and interior painting, home décor has never been easier to tackle as a DIY project. There are so many inspirational sites to get ideas from these days. But we stand out in many unique ways. Our focus is before-and-after: show us what your room looked like before that fun Southwest-inspired painting job, or how you made snow people out of mason jars for the holidays.

Get inspiration from others and offer it up yourself. In this section, we’ll post stories, share tips from readers, and offer before and after photos for a wide variety of home décor projects. Home décor is a highly visual process, which is why photos and quick tips are so important here. Our user-submitted photos highlight special stories about home décor, where you can show off your latest project or find tips from someone else.

DIY Home Décor

Share with us any of the following:

  • Why you got into home décor
  • What kinds of home décor projects you specialize in
  • How home décor has changed your life
  • What your greatest challenges have been
  • What your goals are for the future
  • Details of your current projects
  • Inspirational stories of what keeps you motivated
  • How to save money on craft materials
  • What your greatest failures and successes have been
  • Helpful tips for various aspects of the DIY process, from materials to techniques

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