DIY Home Improvement

DIY Home Improvement

DIY home improvement is a hobby of many. This page is for you, the weekend warrior, the maker of things, the improver of all. There are many degrees of home improvement, ranging from the small (installing towel bars in the bathroom) to the large (basement finishes). Whatever your home improvement passion is, the main goal is the same: improving the look and functionality of your home.

On this page, we invite you to share your stories, tips, suggestions and photos for all your favorite DIY home improvement projects. Perhaps you’re here to find inspiration from others, or maybe you just completed a home improvement project you’re really proud of. Whatever it is, it’s time to sign up or log in and start sharing your talents with the world.

What Can You Expect?

The focus of our site is to highlight the before and after photos from a variety of projects. Showing such a range of progress helps others who may be struggling with the same task. Home improvement is visual, and photos offer up inspiration to those looking to think outside the box.

In this section, we’ll post stories, share tips from readers, and offer before and after photos for a wide variety of DIY home improvement projects. Our user-submitted photos highlight special stories about home improvement, where you can show off your latest project or find tips from another reader.

We invite you to share all your tips, such as:

  • What inspired you to tackle your DIY home improvement project
  • What skills you have that helped the progress of your project
  • How DIY home improvement has changed your life
  • What your greatest challenges have been
  • What your goals are for future projects
  • Details of your current projects
  • Motivational stories on how to keep pushing forward
  • How to save money on materials
  • Safety tips
  • What your greatest failures and successes have been
  • Helpful tips throughout the DIY process, from materials to techniques
DIY Home Improvement

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