Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping involves the process of making a piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, typically through the addition of ornamental features as well as the planting of trees, flowers and shrubs. Landscaping can encompass living elements, such as flora and fauna, as well as manipulation of terrain and addition of structures, such as stonework to contain flower beds. The process of landscaping can be purely aesthetic in nature or feature some functionality too.

Are you a landscaper or a home owner with a side passion for landscaping? We want to hear from you. We welcome your submissions of photos, tips and stories to provide inspiration for others. Plus, we also welcome you to browse this section of our website regularly to gain ideas from readers to fuel your own upcoming projects. Sign up or log in and start sharing now.

How We Help

The focus of our site is to highlight the before and after photos from a variety of landscaping projects. This visual aid has been proven to be very helpful in the landscaping process. There’s no satisfaction quite like that of taking a dry, barren piece of your yard and turning it into a beautiful feast for the eyes!

Landscaping Ideas

We want all your tips, such as:

  • How you turned a ho-hum backyard into a luxurious retreat for relaxation.
  • Which plants thrive in your region, and under what conditions (shade, sun, partial).
  • Seasonal must-do tasks to keep your landscape thriving.
  • How to make mowing fast and easy.
  • Essential landscaping tools to have in your shed.
  • How to create edging for a clean, streamlined look.

Whatever you can share, we want to see it!

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